Do Affirmations Work? The Subconscious Explored

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Do Affirmations Work? The Subconscious Explored

Are you looking to transform your life from within? Dive in as we unravel the power of the subconscious mind and how affirmations can be your game-changer. No magic, just science.

The Power of the Subconscious

Did you know that your subconscious mind is processing information about your environment even when you're not consciously aware of it? It is continually at work, influencing your actions, your thoughts, and your feelings. It's like a supercomputer that's always on, always calculating, and always influencing. It's so powerful, but most of us are just barely scratching the surface of what it can do.

How Affirmations Use the Power of the Subconscious

How can we use this strong, always-flowing stream of our subconscious to better our lives? The answer lies in the science-backed method of affirmations.

Affirmations aren't magic. They are based on science. They are strong, positive words that help us fight off bad thoughts. When we use them a lot and believe them, we can make big changes in our life.

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Why Affirmations Work

Affirmations work because they can change how your subconscious mind thinks. They slowly get into your subconscious and help you believe good thoughts. This change helps you stop thinking bad thoughts. It also helps you think more positively and believe in yourself.

By saying good affirmations a lot, you make a space for growing and getting better. The best part? It's easy. All you need to do is keep using them and believe in them.

Benefits of Affirmations

Lots of scientific studies show that affirmations are powerful. They can change the way we think in a good way. Here are some of the proven benefits of studies:

  • Helps Us Be Stronger and Not Worry About Mistakes
    Affirmations can make us feel better about our mistakes. This can make us happier. Also, saying these words often can make us stronger when we face tough times. By saying good things about ourselves, we can think in a better and more confident way. This can help us face problems. So, when you feel bad about a mistake, try using affirmations. This can make you feel better and more confident.1
  • Helps Us Do Better at Work or School
    Affirmations can help our memory and focus. This makes us better at solving problems and making decisions. This means we can handle tough tasks better. So, we can do more at work or school.2
  • Makes Us Want to Eat Healthier Food
    People who use affirmation often choose to eat healthier food. They eat more fruits and vegetables. In a study, women who did use affirmations ate more fruits and vegetables than women who didn't.3
  • Helps Us Move and Exercise More
    People who use affirmation often move and exercise more. In a study, young people who did use affirmations did more exercise. They also thought better of exercising.4
  • Reduce Stress Impact on Problem-Solving
    Stress can make it hard for us to solve problems and think in new ways. But, if we think positively about ourselves, we can solve problems better.5
  • Helps Us Be More Open to Change
    Saying good words to ourselves can make smokers more willing to learn about how smoking is bad. In a study, smokers who thought good things about themselves were more scared by pictures of smoking damage. They also wanted to quit or smoke less.6

In the face of such compelling evidence, it's clear: Affirmations work on multiple issues. So, when we at Innertune encourage the use of affirmations, it's not simply because they make us feel good - it's because they are a tried-and-true method of personal development, backed by science.

What to Use Affirmations For

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Affirmations can be used in many areas of your life to bring about positive change. They are handy tools to help build self-confidence, reach your goals, or stay motivated. If you're feeling down, affirmations can help you have a brighter outlook on life. If you're facing challenges at work or school, affirmations can help you focus and solve problems better. When you need to make healthier choices, like eating more veggies or quitting smoking, affirmations can be a useful guide. And they're not just for the big things. You can use affirmations every day to remind yourself of your worth and keep your spirits high.

Remember, the purpose of affirmations is to change your thinking pattern, so they are a great tool for any change you wish to make in your life.

Here are a few of our most popular playlist titles to inspire you:

  • Achieve Self-Growth
  • Overcome Hard Times
  • Find Calm
  • Fight Depression
  • Find Motivation
  • Focus on your Health
  • Practice Gratitude
  • Fall Asleep
  • Love yourself
  • Sport Performance

Those playlists contain around 80 affirmations each. All are designed to help you overcome your personal challenge easily. All you need to do is to plug in your headphones and take the time to listen.

The Role of Innertune

At Innertune, we believe in the power of affirmations and the transformative effect they can have on lives. We understand the science behind affirmations and have designed a tool to make this process of self-transformation easy and enjoyable.

With Innertune, you can create your own personalized affirmation playlists, select your preferred background beats, choose your voiceover, and even adjust the delay between affirmations.

Over time, as you use Innertune consistently, you'll notice that you start to feel amazing, overcome challenges with more ease, achieve your goals, and even begin to create your dream life. The benefits are immeasurable.

We're not just telling you; we want you to experience it for yourself.


Affirmations are a proven method for transforming your life by tapping into the incredible power of your subconscious mind. There’s a vast range of benefits regarding them.

At Innertune, we have designed a platform that makes this process simple, efficient, and enjoyable. Why not embark on this transformative journey today?

Unlock your true potential and experience empowerment like never before. Start your journey with Innertune.

Remember, it all begins from within.

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