Develop Courage

Brave life's storms, emerging fortified and unbroken.

List of Affirmations

  1. I am courageous
  2. I am brave
  3. I am fearless
  4. I constantly advocate for myself.
  5. I'm getting braver.
  6. I am prepared for anything that comes my way.
  7. I am courageous and strong.
  8. I override my dread and proceed regardless.
  9. My bravery encourages others.
  10. I will overcome my fear and thrive in any situation.
  11. I'm going to become a brave, courageous person.
  12. Fearlessness is emerging within me.
  13. I get stronger and braver every day.
  14. People will see how fearless I am.
  15. I always speak up in support of what I strongly believe in.

Number of Affirmations


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