Push Through Failure

Harness resilience, turning setbacks into stepping stones.

List of Affirmations

  1. My past is behind me, and I have completely let go of any past failures.
  2. Being persistent is second nature to me.
  3. I will leave my past failures behind.
  4. I can easily overcome any challenges that come my way.
  5. Pushing through failure comes easily to me.
  6. I am tenacious.
  7. Taking action is just a part of who I am.
  8. I naturally pursue what I desire.
  9. I am growing increasingly fearless of failure every day.
  10. I have the ability to learn from my mistakes.
  11. I keep moving forward because I trust in myself.
  12. I will continue striving until I achieve my objective.
  13. I am becoming an action oriented individual.
  14. Success is always within my reach.
  15. I am becoming more focused and motivated.

Number of Affirmations


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