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Change your life and feel empowered with just 5 minutes of listening per day

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Have control which affirmation you listen

Affirmations shape beliefs and behaviors. Chosen wisely, they uplift; chosen poorly, they mislead. Ensure they resonate with personal values and goals for true growth.

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Craft your own empowering mindset program where you can hand-select affirmations and shape your personal mindset journey!

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Crafting a personalized affirmation library ensures messages align with your goals, values, and journey, maximizing their positive impact.

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Experience complete audio control and effortlessly choose your desired background beat with just a few taps!

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Adjust your sound as you like it

Innertune offers the choice of male, female, or even adjusting the delay between affirmations enabling a truly personalized and empowering experience.

Record your own affirmations

Hearing affirmations in your voice deepens personal connection, making messages more resonant and impactful. It's uniquely empowering and authentic

What clients say about Innertune

An app that can save lives! Sometimes a positive affirmation is all you need to get you going in the right direction.

by Mgajdos
Verified User

Having lost the love of my life a little over a year ago, I have been unable to find a bereavement group. I am trying this to help me through my grief and so far I am finding it an incredible help. I have always been had a positive outlook and have never had a problem with depression, but since my husband’s death, I know I need to deal with something new and debilitating. This really does help.

by Galityomtov
Verified User

I can echo the other reviews. It is a great idea and really does help with changing/setting the right mindset that effects us on many levels. I love that there are so many different topics and voices are very pleasant, which is also important for me. The app is really user friendly and can be tailored to personal needs. Thank you very much, really grateful for your hard work.

by Wits58
Verified User

I never leave reviews but this app has been life changing for me. I suffered from insomnia and nightmares for years and the last month or so of using the 8 hour affirmation tracks has resulted in deep, peaceful sleep, more energy and a good mood when I wake. Beyond grateful!!

by Lro3197
Verified User

LOVING the subconscious reprogramming!! So many built in playlists! Or you can make your own playlist customized with the music you like or even record your own voice 🙌🏼 only get this app if you’re looking to level up your mindset and life! 💗 @thehighheelhippieby

by @thehighheelhippie
Verified User

Innertune changed how I think about personal growth and self-improvement. The sleek and easy-to-use design lets me browse a ton of awesome new affirmations that I can tweak to fit my own style. The chill background music and relaxing visuals makes it a pleasure to use, and I find it super easy to fit this into my routine. Honestly, this app has been a game-changer for boosting my self-awareness, confidence, and helping me tap into positive mental attitudes for personal growth. Thank you!

by Mathiaslof95
Verified User

Innertune has been so pivotal to meditating and getting my life on track. I love being able to select different affirmations depending on my goal for the day and how I feel. I love how easy it is to open and play affirmations without a million different steps and advertisements like other apps. Thank you 🙏

by TylerB993
Verified User

I was simply trying to find a easy way to do my affirmations in the morning and sometimes I wasn’t in the mood to read it every morning. Innertune have simplify my routine and I’m feeling very great.

by 20SuperHugo
Verified User

I love this app! It is so user friendly and full of options. I love that you can change the music, select a male or female voice and adjust the settings for music volume and the volume of the speaker. I don’t know how they do it, but it feels like magic! Highly recommend.

by ChrissyE143
Verified User