Self Care

Prioritize well-being, indulging in moments of self-nurturing.

List of Affirmations

  1. I allow myself to rest.
  2. I focus on how I feel.
  3. I look great.
  4. I take my path.
  5. I move my body every single day.
  6. I let go of all the things that make me anxious.
  7. I feel comfortable asking for help.
  8. I am empowered to live the life I choose.
  9. I am powerful, strong, and fit.
  10. I feel stronger and healthier than ever.
  11. I accept and love my imperfections.
  12. I am allowed to decide for myself
  13. I am allowed to say no when I feel like it.
  14. I value the importance of my own needs.
  15. I am enough today and every day.

Number of Affirmations


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