Relationship Jealousy

Navigate the green-eyed monster, trusting in love's true course.

List of Affirmations

  1. I embrace open and honest communication with my partner.
  2. Honest communication is a cornerstone of our relationship.
  3. I am becoming more confident and secure in myself.
  4. I will foster open and respectful communication with my partner.
  5. My self esteem is strong.
  6. I am content in our relationship.
  7. I effortlessly let go of control and allow my partner their independence.
  8. I will forget my past issues.
  9. Being less jealous has improved my life.
  10. Every day I trust my partner more.
  11. I will increase my trust in my partner.
  12. I will have a healthy and honest relationship.
  13. My self worth continues to grow.
  14. I focus on the positives in our relationship.
  15. I release control and let my partner have their own experiences.

Number of Affirmations


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