Control Your Emotions

Steer emotions with grace, ensuring a balanced heart and mind.

List of Affirmations

  1. My emotions are under my control.
  2. I'm always collected and serene.
  3. I constantly maintain mental and emotional stability.
  4. My thoughts are rational, clear, and concentrated.
  5. I maintain composure in intense circumstances.
  6. I am powerful and in authority.
  7. I possess the capacity to remain calm under pressure.
  8. I experience emotions and am able to maintain control.
  9. I have a positive way of handling excessive emotions.
  10. I keep my cool at all times.
  11. I manage my feelings effortlessly.
  12. I am evolving into a person who is naturally composed.
  13. It's getting simpler for me to control my temper.
  14. I am able to regulate my emotions more and more.
  15. My ability to control my emotions is getting better and better.

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