Resolve Past Shame

Turn past regrets into lessons, cherishing growth from every scar.

List of Affirmations

  1. I acknowledge my past, whether bad or good.
  2. I have internal peace.
  3. I accept and admit my actions in the past.
  4. I'm letting go of the past.
  5. My past has taught me the best lessons in life.
  6. I'm moving toward a brighter future.
  7. I am freeing myself from shame.
  8. I am responsible for my repulsive behaviors.
  9. I am focused and determined to build a better future.
  10. I acknowledge my guilt, which helps it fade away.
  11. I carry on living my life.
  12. My ability to accept shame is improving.
  13. I am becoming more at peace with my prior humiliation every day.
  14. I'm beginning to let go of my guilt and develop self respect.
  15. I will acknowledge my repulsive behavior and move on with my life.

Number of Affirmations


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