Resolve Inner Conflict

Heal by confronting shadows, mending the tapestry of the soul.

List of Affirmations

  1. I am in command.
  2. I consistently follow my conscience.
  3. I make wise and wholesome choices.
  4. I'm at peace with my own thoughts.
  5. I can resist temptation with strength.
  6. I always act in a way that I know is moral.
  7. I make choices and execute them.
  8. I always choose what will be best for my future.
  9. My choices and actions are consistently in line with my long term objectives.
  10. I am very disciplined and consistently abide by my intentions.
  11. I am able to resolve my internal disputes.
  12. My actions and my objectives are becoming more in tune.
  13. I always choose the best course of action.
  14. It's easier for me to carry out the actions that are appropriate
  15. I have self control.

Number of Affirmations


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