Stop Nightmares Affirmations

Banish nocturnal fears, ensuring serene sleep-filled nights.

List of Affirmations

  1. I feel happy
  2. My muscles are at ease
  3. I dream peacefully
  4. I sleep soundly each night
  5. My thoughts are filled with positivity
  6. I have lovely dreams consistently
  7. I am peaceful and optimistic
  8. I have a peaceful sleep
  9. My dreams are delightful and filled with happiness
  10. I am at ease in my bed
  11. In the future, my dreams will be peaceful
  12. I'll ease my mind as I drift off to sleep
  13. My dreams are improving day by day
  14. I'm starting to feel refreshed each morning
  15. Calming myself before bed is becoming easier

Number of Affirmations


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