Be Happy

Nurture inner joy, allowing happiness to radiate from within.

List of Affirmations

  1. I choose to feel good and be at peace.
  2. I strive for a joyful and prosperous life.
  3. I make choices that serve my best interest.
  4. I focus on thoughts and beliefs that make me feel good.
  5. I am naturally optimistic.
  6. I deserve all that is good and positive.
  7. Everything works out for my highest good.
  8. I maintain a positive mindset and attitude.
  9. I easily bounce back from tough situations.
  10. I am grateful and positive every day.
  11. Good things come to me easily.
  12. I am confident,healthy, and powerful.
  13. Happiness is always within reach.
  14. I am filled with love and positivity.
  15. I am worthy of a beautiful and fulfilling life.

Number of Affirmations


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